Smart Energy Systems to Beat the Heat in Dallas

Smart Energy Systems to Beat the Heat in Dallas
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It’s been a summer of high temperatures in Dallas, and we’re all feeling the heat. So, how can you get some relief without seeing the energy bills for your business spike into the stratosphere? One way is with smart energy technology from Foresight Security. Here’s what our smart energy services can offer our commercial security customers. 

Setting a Smart Thermostat 

Scheduling the temperature settings for your business with a smart thermostat can help you reduce overhead without sacrificing anyone’s indoor comfort. For example: You may keep things at a comfortable 72 degrees during business hours, and allow the smart thermostat to readjust for the evening so the HVAC stays off while the building is unoccupied. You can even schedule different temperatures for different zones of the building. 

By scheduling your temperature settings strategically with a smart thermostat, you can cut back on what you pay for energy while keeping everyone cool and comfortable during business hours. 

Automating Your Lighting 

Your business also has varying lighting needs depending on time of day. Our smart energy systems for business allow you to automate your lighting throughout the building, which can also help reduce your energy bills. You may choose to have the entire building well-lit during the day, and then scale down afterhours so that only a handful of strategic security lights are on. 

Whatever you decide is best for your business lighting, our smart energy system can help you automate it. You’ll love having the ability to put your lights on autopilot, or change them on demand, from the convenience of your own smartphone. 

Keeping Things Airtight 

We’ve all heard that leaving the door open is a waste of energy, but it’s even more true in hot weather. On a breezy summer day, the airflow that escapes through an open door can be a major drain on your HVAC system. With our smart energy systems for businesses, you can get an alert anytime the door is left open for too long (and of course, anytime it’s left open afterhours). 

That’s not the only advantage of open door alerts. The same sensors that power this service also feed into a Business Insights report you can get anytime. This report can give you instant visibility into the weekly, daily or even hourly traffic in your business. 

Hot weather doesn’t have to lead to high energy bills. With our smart energy systems, Dallas businesses can beat the heat while still keeping their bills under control. To learn more about these systems, call Foresight Security today. 

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