The Cons of Wireless Security Cameras

Mark Whetten
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Wireless security cameras, which operate via an IP network as opposed to a hard wired connection, are popular because of their compact design and relatively easy installation. While it’s true that wireless cameras take away the worry of holes and wires, it’s also worth noting their drawbacks. Here are some of the possible cons to consider with wireless security cameras. 

Signal Disruption 

The lone frequency of wireless security cameras makes them vulnerable to signal disruption, which means a high probability of recording interruption. When you’re investing in any type of video surveillance, you expect uninterrupted recording when motion is present.

Hard wired cameras are free from the risk of signal disruption, so your cameras are always recording. 

Hacking Risk 

Today, information security is paramount — and that includes security camera information. IP networks can be hacked into, putting your private recording data at risk. Plus, those with truly malicious intentions can use the information they gather to target your location physically. Hard wired cameras are hack proof, ensuring your recording data remains private and secure. 

Poor Quality 

The image quality of security video may seem inconsequential, but it’s quite critical when an intruder is caught on camera. The images rendered by wireless security cameras can fluctuate in quality depending on internet bandwidth. If many neighbors are on the network at the same time, the image quality can suffer — and this impairs your ability to identify an intruder. 

The hard wired vs. wireless security camera debate is one that we are well versed in. To speak with an experienced security integrator about your security camera options for home or business, call Foresight Security today. 

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