The Advantages of Hard Wired Security Cameras in DFW

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When having a new video surveillance system installed, it may seem logical to choose wireless cameras. After all, isn’t the “newest” thing always the best? 

That may seem logical — but before you make your selection, there are some real advantages to hard wired security cameras that we want our Dallas security camera customers to know about. Here are the primary advantages of the hard wired security cameras we offer at Foresight Security, from leading manufacturers like LTS and Hikvision. 

Less Disruption Risk

While wireless cameras are flexible and compact, they are also highly susceptible to signal disruption. Wireless IP cameras operate on a single, specific frequency — much like some common non-camera devices, such as the microwave. This makes the chances of wireless camera signals getting disrupted quite high, especially if other wireless cameras (your neighbor’s cameras, for example) are in the vicinity. 

With hard wired cameras, the risk of disruption is dramatically lower. Disruption from a neighboring building’s cameras is virtually non-existent, because the cameras are not operating on competing wireless networks. This means uninterrupted security camera coverage for your property. 

Clearer Video Images 

Image quality is critical for the ability to identify a person captured on security video. With wireless cameras, the stability of the connection means the image quality can suffer. If someone trespasses or attempts to break in, you want law enforcement to have a clear view of the offender’s features — and if you have a wireless camera, that’s not likely to happen. 

With hard wired security cameras, you can get quality, color video images in high definition, even at night and in low light conditions. The likelihood of identifying a criminal on your property is much greater, which can improve the chances of a police apprehension or other penalty for the offender.   

There are some clear advantages to hard wired security cameras, which is why we proudly offer them at Foresight Security. To discuss the best hard wired security cameras for your property, call our Dallas security camera experts today. We’ll be glad to help you make an informed choice. 

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