Security Cameras to Protect Retailers Against Lawsuits in Texas

Security Cameras to Protect Retailers Against Lawsuits in Texas
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Statistically, almost every business will be sued at some point in their lifespan. One of the most common lawsuits is the slip and fall claim. These lawsuits can happen to any business of any size, but they are most commonly filed against retail stores. Here are some important things to know about slip and fall lawsuits, and how security cameras can help retailers protect themselves from fraudulent claims. 

Regional Retailer Loses Major Case 

You’ve likely heard about companies like Walmart and Costco being sued in slip and fall lawsuits, but it can happen to any retailer, anywhere. Even a regional chain, Brookshire Brothers grocery, has been the target of a slip and fall lawsuit in 2022. In that event, one of the largest verdicts of its kind was awarded to an Orange County, Texas resident who slipped and fell at one of the stores. In that case, the plaintiff received more than $1.3 million. 

Questionable Claims on the Rise 

While the Brookshire Brothers case was proven legitimate, other slip and fall lawsuits are fraudulent. Data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau suggests that “questionable” slip and fall claims have increased in recent years; furthermore, they report that the business policies of the companies being sued account for almost 80% of these claims. Naturally, those policies include security policies.

Security Cameras Tell the Story

If a retailer lacks adequate security camera coverage to show the event the plaintiff is claiming, then the company can be powerless to defend themselves. With proper surveillance coverage that stores video in the cloud, retailers have the evidence they need for a defense against lawsuits.

The footage will show whatever happened, whether it was a legitimate fall due to negligence, or a fall staged by a scammer looking for an easy payday. It’s just a matter of letting the cameras tell the story. 

Call Foresight Security to Learn More

Lawsuits involving fraudulent injury claims can happen to retailers of all sizes. It’s incumbent upon retail owners to protect themselves from the devastation of litigation. To discuss installing or adding security cameras to protect retailers against lawsuits, Texas business owners should contact Foresight Security. We’re ready to help you get the protection you need. 

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