Other Ways Video Surveillance Protects Businesses in Dallas

Other Ways Video Surveillance Protects Businesses in Dallas
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Video surveillance systems can do much more than protect your merchandise from theft. With the right cameras, they can also safeguard your bottom line and shield your business from those who would do it harm. Here are some additional ways video surveillance protects businesses in Dallas and throughout Texas. 

Catching Employee Criminality 

Unfortunately, criminally dishonest employees are a reality of modern business. Skimming the register and time theft may be the most common trespasses, but some unscrupulous staff members have been known to commit acts that are much more sinister. This was certainly true in the high profile case where a doctor at a Plano surgery center was shown on video surveillance creating tainted IV bags. The good news is, the cameras told the story so that the right person was held accountable in the justice system. With commercial video surveillance watching all allowable areas, you can protect your business from employees who may be inclined to commit crimes onsite. 

Disproving Lawsuit Scammers 

Some legal claims are legitimate, while other lawsuits are flat out scams concocted in the minds of unethical members of the public seeking a payout. To protect your business from the higher insurance premiums, bad publicity, revenue losses and other consequences that can come from being the target of a lawsuit scheme, make sure you have adequate video surveillance coverage so that cameras can catch these scammers in the act.

When the footage shows what really happened, someone who takes you to court unjustifiably will be far less likely to succeed at proving their claim. 

Documenting Loitering and Vandalism

As the city of Dallas works on initiatives to reduce crime, businesses can support their efforts by making sure their cameras are capturing any loitering and vandalism that takes place on their property. Many business owners wait until major damage occurs to file a police complaint about this type of activity on their property, but that’s not necessarily the best strategy. After all, law enforcement can’t help you fix a problem they haven’t been informed about. If you intend to alert police to activity happening on your property, your video surveillance footage can be your best ally. Don’t be afraid to use it. 

There are many ways that video surveillance protects businesses in Dallas. To inquire about installing or upgrading video surveillance, call Foresight Security. We will be happy to help. 

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