3 Reasons for Better Business Security in DFW this Summer

3 Reasons for Better Business Security in DFW this Summer
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Many in the DFW business community are coming to understand the value of having the most up-to-date security technology available. Here are three reasons why it’s especially important this year.    

1. Business burglaries are up in Dallas. 

Fox 4 News reports that business burglaries are up in DFW for summer 2022, compared to summer of last year. After a rash of June burglaries in southeast Dallas, where thieves smashed ATMs, counters, cash registers and even safe boxes in addition to wiping stores out of their merchandise in a single hit, it’s clear there’s a rise in targeted burglary throughout the area. Furthermore, it’s clear that the criminals getting increasingly aggressive about the damage they do. 

For businesses that don’t yet have a security system in place, now is the time to act — before their businesses become the next set of targets. 

2. Burglars are using more sophisticated tools. 

Reportedly, the criminals involved in the June incidents had full boxes of burglary tools, including electric saws and anything else needed to break open ceilings and enter through the ducts of an HVAC system. Burglars are getting more sophisticated with the tools they use, and that means business owners need to upgrade to professional-grade security systems with monitoring service that provides video verification.

With video surveillance that includes video monitoring, business owners can have the added benefit of live security agents verifying alarm events as crimes in progress. This simple upgrade can get law enforcement to burglary sites faster. 

3. Owners need help to be proactive. 

What does it mean to be proactive about your business security? Dallas store owners want to take a defensive stance, but they need the right technology to support their efforts. With professional video surveillance by Foresight Security, owners, managers and authorized employees can see what the cameras are seeing with a few simple taps. There’s nothing more proactive than the act of checking on cameras with a 360 degree view, either on demand or when prompted by mobile alerts that are triggered by motion at protected doors. 

There’s a deep need for better business security in DFW this summer, and Foresight Security can provide it. To get started with security technology that can give your business the protection it deserves, call us today. We look forward to helping you.

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